The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative Issue 6 | June 2022  
Season Two, Episode One Available Now

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The second season of The Entrepreneurial Mindset Project podcast has premiered! In a world that seems to favor top performers, we often overlook the mindset and the methods of everyday entrepreneurs—the underdogs and the misfits who have no particular advantage in life—yet somehow manage to succeed. 

To kick us off, ELI Founder, Gary Schoeniger, talks to Myron Pierce. Myron is an entrepreneur and community leader based in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s the Founder of Village Social and is one of the Co-founders of Shift Omaha, where he helps the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed.

In this episode, Myron shares more about his struggles growing up, why hope is the best strategy, and the power of managing your beliefs.

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Deshpande Symposium

The Deshpande Symposium is an annual gathering of like-minded professionals focused on accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship within higher education institutions and through partnerships with private, public and non-profit organizations. We are excited to be gathering in person in Cleveland, where we will learn best practices for developing entrepreneurial ecosystems. Also, the importance that diversity, equity and inclusion plays in their success.

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Online Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Training

Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Training enables participants to facilitate the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs. The ELI team conducts training using an engaging mix of live presentations, open discussions, video case studies, small group activities, coaching exercises, and experiential, problem-based learning. You will gain a foundational understanding of the mindset and methods of everyday entrepreneurs and learn the hidden mechanisms that help or inhibit them from success. Live sessions will run for two hours on Wednesdays throughout the month of July beginning at 6:00 PM ET.





Entrepreneurship in Education: Doan Winkel, Building a New Student Learning Experience

The current model of learning in higher education doesn’t work. The time-based system of education (i.e., Carnegie units) has destroyed the potential of generations. Some are moving toward competency-based, problem-based learning, where students progress based on demonstrating what they know and can do. But that’s not enough—we need to move toward mastery learning that matters, where students progress based on portfolios of application in areas that matter to them. In this webinar, guest Doan Winkel of John Carroll University will join us to discuss how he is working to impact higher education for the better.

  TOMORROW, June 8 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

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Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindsets: In Classrooms, Organizations, and Communities

The world has changed in ways that now require everyone to think like an entrepreneur. After all, entrepreneurs are resilient and resourceful, creative and critical thinkers who possess the 21st-century skills the world now demands. What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Why is it important? And, how can we cultivate it in ourselves and others?

  Tuesday, June 14 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

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How the Ice House Model Underlies a Mission to Engage, Educate, and Empower Entrepreneurs

Long before Dr. Cassandra Little ever heard of Uncle Cleve Mormon and the Ice House approach to entrepreneurship, she already knew its power. That’s because her grandfather was an entrepreneur who had only a third-grade education but built a career working on cars and houses. Watching him, she absorbed the same lessons the Ice House model now instills in course participants via the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce

Little herself is a lifelong entrepreneur who has always believed in the self-directed pursuit of opportunities to create value for others. She said people often presume her confidence in running her own businesses comes from her doctorate in counselor education and school counseling and guidance services, but it goes deeper than that. “I never worried about my ability to take care of myself thanks to my entrepreneurial spirit,” she said. 



"Who Owns the Ice House?" Is Available in Multiple Formats!

Learn the eight life lessons of Uncle Cleve, Clifton Taulbert, and Gary Schoeniger in the format that is best for you! "Much more than a book on entrepreneurship. It is a book about how the mindset and actions of the good & reliable stands out from the average. It is a series of stories that reflect the good old values of how one carries oneself in life...This one's a classic."



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