The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative Issue 7 | July 2021  
Private Training Can Foster a More Innovative Culture

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As our world slowly emerges from the global pandemic, there is a palpable feeling that now is the time to pursue new opportunities and reinvent ourselves, our organizations, and our communities. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has called this period The Great Reset.

The key to this transformation is entrepreneurship education. And as the WEF says, "Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset prepares students for the uncertain and unpredictable world they will contribute to in the Great Reset."

For a decade, ELI has been providing renowned professional development training to educators and economic developers. Most of these people received this experience through one of our private group offerings. Our private training events allow you and your colleagues to go through what participants have described as a "transformative experience" with others from your school, organization, or community.

Some of our recent private events have been held by Bowie State University, Concordia College, and Pasco-Hernando State College. 

Over and over, we've seen these private trainings create the momentum required to develop a more open-minded and innovative organizational culture. While at the same time, providing a fresh look at what it means to be "entrepreneurial" in our lives.

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New Podcast Episode - Elias Ruiz: How A 6th Grade Science Teacher Became An Unlikely Entrepreneur

Middle school teacher Elias Ruiz joined the podcast to talk about his journey from garage inventor to a successful business owner. Starting in his garage with a piece of plywood and empty 2-liter bottles, Elias has gone on to invent the Feather-Raft, a lightweight raft perfectly suited for a variety of outdoor water sports. The patented design was an iterative process to craft, and Elias shares an array of hurdles he had to overcome while bringing his product to market. Starting from meeting a personal need, Ruiz has created a successful and growing business selling Feather-Rafts all over the United States.



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KHSD launches entrepreneurship program: 'There's a ton of untapped potential here'

Last month, the Kern High School District in California launched a summer camp that marks the beginning of an effort to train the next generation of entrepreneurs in the region. The first Entrepreneurship Mindset Summer Camps that utilize the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program curriculum are one week long and open to students in grades 7-12. Led by facilitator Angel Cottrell, these camps will empower today's students to open up tomorrow's businesses as entrepreneurs. Or become employees within larger companies who open up new divisions or ventures.



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HBCU Entrepreneurship Conference

ELI is proud to participate in this inaugural event. This virtual conference, hosted by Bowie State University, will build on the rich historical legacy HBCUs have played in developing entrepreneurs, business owners, and wealth in our communities. More importantly, the conference will lay the groundwork for what is to come and the role HBCUs play in boldly paving the way to prosperity.





Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset in Skilled Workers

Join this webinar to first learn from ELI Founder Gary Schoeniger about the basics of the entrepreneurial mindset. Then come to understand the many opportunities available through SERCAP from Britni Arrington, the Special Projects Manager for SERCAP responsible for their entrepreneurial mindset program. Finally, Jay Dillon, SERCAP Virginia State Manager, will provide details on a current high-need program to help you get started on a path to economic sustainability as a skilled worker.

  Wednesday, August 4 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET

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Entrepreneurship in Education Series: Dr. Rebecca Corbin, How Community Colleges are Accelerating Innovation & Equity

As the president and CEO of the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), Dr. Rebecca Corbin is on the cutting edge of advancing entrepreneurship education in community colleges throughout the US and abroad. In this webinar, Dr. Corbin will discuss her efforts to help accelerate innovation and equity in community colleges across the US.

  Wednesday, August 11 | 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

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What Is Self-Directed Learning (and Why Do We Need It)?

Children are innately curious—sometimes to the point where they overwhelm the adults around them with their constant questions. One can easily imagine that the old expression “Curiosity killed the cat” was first spoken by a parent who was tired of being asked “Why?” for the millionth time by a curious preschooler. This curiosity implies a drive towards self-directed learning.

The desire to learn and explore is the driving force behind human development. It manifests in our ability to identify and solve problems, adapt, and improve our quality of life. 


Summertime Lessons in Early Entrepreneurship

Driving through residential streets at the height of summer, every so often, you’ll see the hallmarks of youth entrepreneurship: a lemonade stand, a lawn mowing crew, a babysitter at a playground. 

For tweens and teens looking to earn extra money over the summer, these classic pursuits may not seem like anything special. But all it takes is a little reframing for them to start to realize that they’re engaged in the self-directed pursuit of opportunities to create value for others. They’re quenching thirst, beautifying a yard, caring for someone’s beloved child.



"Who Owns the Ice House?" Is Available in Multiple Formats!

Learn the eight life lessons of Uncle Cleve, Clifton Taulbert, and Gary Schoeniger in the format that is best for you! "Much more than a book on entrepreneurship. It is a book about how the mindset and actions of the good & reliable stands out from the average. It is a series of stories that reflect the good old values of how one carries oneself in life...This one's a classic."



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