The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
Issue 9 | September 2019


Future of the Classroom: Emerging Trends in K-12 Education Global Edition

From a recent report published by Google Education, see 8 emerging trends in K-12 education, and how they are already impacting educators and students.

"We believe that every student and every educator, in every classroom, deserves the tools and skills that set them up for success in building the future they want for themselves.

"Education is evolving at a faster pace than any other period in recent history. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to understand how and where it’s changing so that educators and schools can support students in preparing for challenges and careers that don’t exist today. This report aims to identify and examine research-based shifts in classroom education that are taking place around the world."

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Success in Early Education Takes Innovation

From the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, see how one community service provider is innovating her way towards providing "quality, innovative early education options with quality teachers for kids under 5." 

Deidre Anderson, CEO of United Inner-City Services, a multi-service community-based agency addressing issues of the urban core in Kansas City, Missouri, has highlighted 3 goals to innovate early education models to empower all students to succeed.

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Are Online Classes Worth It? 12 Pros & Cons of Online Learning

In the theme of innovative education models, how do online courses stack up to traditional in-person learning environments? See what the Harvard Business Review has to say about the positives and negatives of online courses. While increasing accessibility and flexibility for individual learning, what are the potential drawbacks? 

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How My Dad Discovered a New American Dream

Kauffman Foundation contributor Mona Ahmed "explores how her dad, Humayun Ahmed, ended up a gas station owner and serial entrepreneur supported by a community that cultivates its own network to overcome barriers to success." 

Follow the personal account of how entrepreneurship often does not follow a set path but is born out of situational factors. What can we learn from Humayun Ahmed's story, and how can we apply it to our own lives?

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Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey Into The Heart of America

"All across the country, in smaller towns outside the media spotlight, a new America is being built - one that is innovative, compromise-minded, optimistic, and working toward practical solutions to the problems of this age."

"Since 2013, Deborah and James Fallows have traveled to small communities in every part of the country that have faced economic shocks, political crises, or other serious hardships. Each place they went, they talked with teachers, business creators, mayors, religious leaders, students, artists and architects, librarians, and others involved in shaping their community's future.

"As they traveled across the country, at low altitude in a little propeller airplane, they saw the patterns of river and hill that explain the pattern of American settlement. On the ground, they saw the emerging pattern of American reinvention—through the stories collected here."

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