The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative Issue 11 | November 2021  
Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

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November 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs.

To date, three thousand educators have completed the Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certification Training, while tens of thousands of students, from middle and high school to college and university as well as mid-career adults, have enrolled in the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs. Meanwhile, more than 60,000 copies of the book, Who Owns The Ice House? have been sold

As we look towards the future, we want to highlight things like our partnership with EBSCO, exploring options within the library market. We would also highlight our highly successful podcast, “The Entrepreneurial Mindset Project,” launched in April and passed 1,000 downloads in the first six months.

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New Podcast Episode - How Wartime Survival Taught Me To Think Like An Entrepreneur With Faris Alami

As a Palestinian refugee growing up in Kuwait, Faris Alami was a straight-A student on his way to university and a stable career. And then life intervened when the Iraqi invasion turned his world upside down.Fresh out of high school, in the midst of a war zone, Faris found himself in charge of a local grocery store, a precarious experience that he barely escaped with his life. Yet, it was an experience that taught him how to think like an entrepreneur. In this episode, we talk about his transition from being a straight-A student who knew how to follow the rules to learn how to survive in a war zone and how by selling T-shirts, he became an unlikely entrepreneur.




Ice House Student Develops New Game Brand

The company skypig is a new game brand aimed at bringing value to its players beyond the game itself. Looking to empower all to think more creatively and imaginatively, skypig creates games that not only are fun but help develop its players into better people. Ben Schieber, a tester of the game, said this about skypig's new game 'Products,' "it just made me think in a different way, which I thought was cool." Founded out of COVID-19, the brand also understands the importance of face-to-face interaction and community. skypig wants its players to create bonds and engage with each other.



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USASBE is an inclusive community advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice. USASBE 2022 will take place January 5-9 in a hybrid format that supports both on-premise and online attendance, thereby providing conference access to the entire USASBE community regardless of one’s ability to travel to an in-person event. The conference will provide diverse presentations on the latest teaching trends in entrepreneurship.




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Entrepreneurship in Education Series: Margie Worthington-Smith, Embedding an Entrepreneurial Mindset into a National Education System

In this webinar, Margie Worthington-Smith will join us to discuss how she has worked to embed an entrepreneurial mindset in the national education system of South Africa. She will discuss the top-down, bottom-up methodology she has used throughout her career, as well as the role “entrepreneurials” have on improving the economy and well-being of a nation.

  Wednesday, November 17 | 12:00 - 1:30 PM ET

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Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindsets: In Classrooms, Organizations, and Communities

The world has changed in ways that now require everyone to think like an entrepreneur. After all, entrepreneurs are resilient and resourceful, creative and critical thinkers who possess the 21st-century skills the world now demands. What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Why is it important? And, how can we cultivate it in ourselves and others?

  Wednesday, December 15 | 1:00 - 2:15 PM ET

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Planting Seeds of Entrepreneurial Thinking—With a Homegrown Twist

One of the preeminent entrepreneurial thinkers in higher education lives and works in an unlikely place: a metro area of 246,000 residents just a couple of hours south of the Canadian border. Bree Langemo, lawyer and educator, exemplifies ELI’s definition of entrepreneurship. That is the self-directed pursuit of opportunities to create value for others, whatever the field or location. 

Langemo directs the Entrepreneurship Center at Concordia College’s Offutt School of Business in Moorhead, Minnesota. It’s a small, private liberal arts college just across the river from her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. The college is also just down the road from her alma mater, the University of Minnesota-Moorhead. 

“When you plant seeds of entrepreneurial thinking, it empowers people and builds their self-efficacy,” Langemo said. “They start to think of themselves as entrepreneurs. Then they move into thinking about how to launch their idea and move forward—and ultimately, when you start to solve problems for more people, that’s where business organization formation comes in. Then you get into the legalities of the best way to form your company, of protecting your intellectual property, of commercialization.”



"Who Owns the Ice House?" Is Available in Multiple Formats!

Learn the eight life lessons of Uncle Cleve, Clifton Taulbert, and Gary Schoeniger in the format that is best for you! "Much more than a book on entrepreneurship. It is a book about how the mindset and actions of the good & reliable stands out from the average. It is a series of stories that reflect the good old values of how one carries oneself in life...This one's a classic."



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